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As you know its not often that I email out
just to let you know about a launch or a
re launch.In fact this is my first one now
that I think about it!!

Today is different, why you ask, well I will
tell you. I have been letting you know that
the one of the best ways to get your message
out there using Traffic Exchange is to use
a Splash Page.

I even went so far as to get an interveiw
with “Mr Paul Kinder” who set out in great
detail the Massive Major Benefits of using
a Splash Page in your advertising campaign.

Well today Steve Ayling the owner of
Splash Page Maker is re launching so
that you the surfer can make use of
the great resources within SPM to get your
business on the right track.

The best bit is you can get access
to these resources for no cost!!!!

Enough waffle on my part get on over there
and take action today, your business will
not regret it.



Remember thars gold in them thar clicks

Paul Conway



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